Dux-Soup for LinkedIn Automation

LinkedIn automation software to find leads and engage with prospects.


LinkedIn automation software to find leads and engage with prospects.

About Dux-Soup: https://www.dux-soup.com


Dux-Soup makes it easy to find, attract and engage with prospects on LinkedIn. 


It is a browser plug-in which works with Google Chrome and it will become your virtual assistant on LinkedIn - saving you hours of manual data entry when it comes to tracking all the prospects you interact with.


Dux-Soup will give you leads in a lot less time. It keeps track of every single profile you visit and allows you to make notes directly on the profile pages which are saved. 


Dux-Soup also includes the ability to auto-visit profiles of LinkedIn users based on Google or LinkedIn searches. The profile you are viewing will then usually view your profile and perhaps connect.


For more information:

•       Website: https://www.dux-soup.com

•       Support site: https://support.dux-soup.com

•       Dux-Soup YouTube channel: https://channel.dux-soup.com

•       Blog: https://blog.dux-soup.com

•       Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DuxQuack/

•       Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/duxsoup/


Recognized as having the best customer support on the web via live chat support, responsive email and 1-on-1 support calls.


Any questions or things you'd like to see, email The Dux on [email protected] You can also follow and contact us over Facebook (Dux-Soup) or Twitter @DuxQuack.


Happy prospecting! If you like our product please leave a happy review on the Chrome Store.




Team Dux-Soup.

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Posted on April 10, 2021

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