Learn a new language while you browse the web.


Toucan will teach you Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese without ever opening a textbook. 

Install in seconds

➤ It only takes two clicks to get started

Browse the internet

➤ Toucan automatically translates key words and phrases to build your knowledge

Learn at your own pace

➤ As you get more fluent, Toucan introduces new words and more complex phrases for you to learn

Practice what you’ve learned

➤ Play minigames to test your new vocabulary and take your skills to the next level

Immersion at your fingertips

➤ Highlight any word or phrase to have Toucan translate them to your target language right in your web browser

Help keep Toucan working on all your favorite sites by emailing [email protected] if you run into any trouble.

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Posted on April 23, 2021

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