Best New Tab

Transform the Chrome/Firefox New Tab into a personal productivity suite.


Best New Tab - Transform the New Tab into a productivity suite. All the features aid you on staying on top of your busy life!Welcome to a page with all your important information and tasks in one place!

App Integrations:

✢ Todo list (Google Tasks)

✢ Calendar events (Google Calendar)

✢ Daily steps, heart rate and other heath info (Fitbit)

✢ Personal development (Duolingo)

✢ Article of the Day (Wikipedia)

Enjoy a refreshing background image from the top photographers around the world! You can specify the category or how often your background will update!

Bonus features:

✢ Favourite sites (Quick access to all the regular sites you visit)

✢ Search bar

✢ Live weather forecasts

✢ Customize the app to your liking!

✢ You will LOVE it!

EVERY feature can be customised or turned off! Enjoy your new tab your way!!

--- About the Developer ---

This is the Best New Tab and I am proud to share it with you.

I would love to hear from you about any suggestions or feedback regarding my extension. Please get in touch!

Email: [email protected]

Personal website:

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John Wiseman



Posted on April 30, 2021

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